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 Throughout my years in real estate, I have always paid particular attention to the financial situations of my clients. There are many circumstances that arise regarding which way to proceed with the financing of the home or property you choose.

Today, there are so many programs available for financing real estate. Although I am not a mortgage broker, my extensive background in putting my clients together with the appropriate financing resources means that I can discuss with you a broad range of scenarios that might fit your needs.

Perhaps you would be inclined to go with 100% financing - that, too, is available.

No financial "irregularity" is too big to deter you from purchasing a property. You may think that a bad credit rating, a bankruptcy, an IRS lien, a foreclosure, or a non-traditional employment history might prevent you from getting the financing you need.

Let me show you that these challenges can be overcome!

I am always eager to work with you on strategies we can use to make the financing arrangements for your new home or property as simple and convenient as possible.

Buyer Representation

If you are relocating from another state (or country), or if you are already living in this area and are unfamiliar with real estate, it is my goal to guide you through the entire process. Once we begin working together, I will dedicate myself to representing you and your interests only.

You can be assured that not only will I find that special home or property for you, but I will also make the transition as pleasant as possible - no task is too big or too small.

The team of professionals that I work with, such as the title company, home inspection company, and the financial institutions are all top quality - the best available. We all work together towards one goal: not just to satisfy you but to exceed your expectations.

Make home buying a pleasurable experience: "Trust me, I'll make it happen."

Important Note: Because I provide exclusive services to my clients, if you have already made arrangements with another real estate agent, I will not be able to work with you on this transaction. I hope you will contact me first when you consider your next real estate investment.

Elayne Rubin

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